Curriculum Vitae

Last update: Mar 2023

• Personal details •

first name: Fabio
surname: Grazioso
email: email
languages spoken: Italian (mother tongue), English (fluent), French (fair), Russian (limited).

• Research and employment •

• From August 2020 to present - Associate Professor / Senior researcher
at Institute of Environmental and Agricultural Biology (X-BIO) - University of Tyumen

description: I teach a course on Calculus, and a course on Python programming language to undergraduate students. I am senior researcher in the Laboratory of Photonics and Microfluidics lead by Dr. Natalia Ivanova, where I am conducting a research on image segmentation with Deep Learning models, applied to microscopic images from different biology and geology projects.

• From February 2018 to July 2020 - Full Professor
at School of Advanced Studies - University of Tyumen

description: I have taught a course on Information Technology and Computer Science to undergraduate students. I have collaborated to multidisciplinary research projects, studying artificial neural networks, and the different impacts of digital technologies on different strata of western society.

• From September 2014 to January 2018 - Post-doctoral fellow
at Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS)
Centre Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications
Nonlinear Photonics Group

research description: I have worked at different projects involving an integrated single photon source.
I have realized an in-fiber QKD setup with high keyrate and low errorate.

• From October 2012 to August 2014 - Post-doctoral fellow
at Université de Montréal
Département d'informatique et de recherche opérationnelle
Laboratoire d'Informatique théorique et quantique

research description: I have worked with Gilles Brassard to extend the complexity analysis of quantum algorithms beyond the query complexity model.

• From May 2010 to May 2012 - Post-doctoral intern
at École Normale Supérieure de Cachan
Laboratoire de photonique quantique et moleculaire
Equipe de Nanophotonique Quantique

research description: I have worked with Frédéric Grosshans at an experimental project on QKD using NV centres in diamond as single photon source.
Subsequently we have worked on some theoretical projects. A first study has been done on a device-independent model of Quantum Random Number Generators, and then we have moved to a study on a robust, sifting-less Quantum Key Distribution protocol, with discrete variables and an arbitrary number of states.

• 2008 and 2009 - Tutor at University of Oxford

I have been tutoring Mansfield College's undergraduate students of the Department of Materials, for the course of "Fourier Series and Partial Differential Equations".

• From 2004 to 2006 - Research Specialist at Duepigreco s.r.l. for a Quantum Cryptography project

company description: Duepigreco was a company based in Napoli (Italy), involved at various levels in IT security. It was sole agent for Italy for the quantum encryption devices of MagiQ inc. (
Duepigreco has also developed its own QKD technology.
position and duties: I was the scientific supervisor of the lab, where we realized a prototype to implement BB84 QKD protocol based on fiber optics. I addressed several problems, such as: single photon detection, using InGaAs APDs and custom electronics (SPAD); synchronization protocol; theoretical model for the overall quantum bit error rate (QUBER). To develop SPADs I collaborated with the scientific group of Ivan Prochazka, at the Technical University of Prague. I was also the specialist for the MagiQ's devices, and I have been in charge for installation, customer training, and maintenance.

1997 to 2006 - IT consultant for Macintosh systems

Consultancy and support for Macintosh home/office users, for:
- home/office based internet connection setup and maintenance
- software/hardware installations, upgrades and maintenance
- building and maintenance of LANs.
- teaching about the use of specific software or the operative system

1997 to 1999 - IT consultant and customers' service at Netway srl

company description: Netway srl was an internet provider, selling internet connections, web spaces, web sites construction, and other specific web services for private customers or companies. Had its main office in Naples, and another office in Rome.
position and duties: I was computer consultant, for customers support, specialized on the Macintosh platform.

1992 to 1997 - Museum docent (scientific guide) at "Città della Scienza"

company description: "Città della Scienza" (Science City) is a scientific museum in Naples, where scientific and natural phenomena are explained with panels and interactive stands.
position and duties: guide in "science gym", in "music & sounds lab", in "media lab" (internet) and in planetarium. Specialized in tours in english.

• Education •

2011 - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) - University of Oxford

supervisors: Jason M. Smith, Pieter Kok

Thesis title: "Spectroscopy of Single Colour Centres in Ultra-Pure Synthetic Diamonds"

The project has involved quantum optics, low temperature scanning confocal microscopy, labview programming, data processing, training and qualification to use machinery in the mechanic workshop

2004 - Laurea Magistrale in Fisica (Master of Science) - Università degli studi di Napoli "Federico II"

supervisor: prof. Salvatore Solimeno;

Thesis title: "Realizzazione di un OPO con cristallo poled per un apparato di spettroscopia nell’infrarosso" ("Realization of an Optical Parametric Oscillator with poled crystal for an infrared spectroscopic apparatus");

Subjects covered: general physics, advanced mathematics, quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, information theory, group theory, numerical programming (fortran, C), chemistry, solid state physics, laser optics, electronics, optics laboratory practice

• Hobbies and other activities •

I practice swimming and archery, I play bass guitar, and sometimes DJ. I like to learn foreign languages.
I have been in the boy-scout italian association, where I developed several manual and logistic skills, beside champing and outdoor-life practice.
I've been part of a cultural association in my hometown (Centro Culturale Giovanile), involved in movies exibitions and other activities; I can operate a 35mm film projection machine.
I like motorbike trips.

Last update: Mar 2023


Curriculum Vitae (italiano)

Esperienze lavorative

2020 professore presso X-Bio - University of Tyumen
2018 professore presso School of Advanced Studies - University of Tyumen
2014 post-doc presso Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique
2012 post-doc presso Université de Montréal
2010 post-doc presso ENS - Cachan
2004 research specialist presso duepigreco s.r.l. (crittografia quantistica)
1992 guida "Città della Scienza", visite guidate in lingua inglese.
1997 consulenze su sitemi Apple Macintosh
1997 servizio clienti Netway s.r.l. (internet provider)


Dottorato presso University of Oxford
titolo della tesi: "Spectroscopy of Single Colour Centres in Ultra-Pure Synthetic Diamonds"

Laurea magistrale in Fisica presso l'Università di Napoli "Federico II"
Titolo della tesi: "Realizzazione di un OPO con cristallo poled per un apparato di spettroscopia nell'infrarosso"

Maturità scientifica presso il Liceo Scientifico "T. L. Caro" di Napoli

Esperienze non lavorative ed interessi personali:

 nuoto, tiro con l'arco, basso elettrico, DJ, campeggio, viaggi in moto, attività manuali in genere


aggiornato a dicembre 2022


Резюме (на русском языке)

Опыт работы

2020 Профессор Х-Bio Тюменского университета
2018 профессор Школы перспективных исследований Тюменского университета 2014 post-doc в Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (Монреаль)
2012 post-doc в Université de Montréal
2010 post-doc в ENS - Cachan (Париж)
2004 специалист по исследованиям в компании duepigreco s.r.l. (квантовая криптография)
1992 руководство в интерактивном научном музее "Città della Scienza" ("Город науки") Неаполя, экскурсии на английском языке.
1997 компьютерные консультации на сайтах Apple Macintosh
1997 служба поддержки клиентов Netway s.r.l. (Интернет-провайдер)

Учебный путь

Доктор философии в University of Oxford
название диссертации: "Spectroscopy of Single Colour Centres in Ultra-Pure Synthetic Diamonds" ("спектроскопия одноцветных центров в ультра-чистых синтетических бриллиантах")

Степень магистра физики Неаполитанского университета "Federico II"
Название диссертации: "Realizzazione di un OPO con cristallo poled per un apparato di spettroscopia nell'infrarosso" ("реализация OPO с кристаллом poled для инфракрасного спектроскопического аппарата")

Научная зрелость в Liceo Scientifico "T. L. Caro" в Napoli

нерабочий опыт и личные интересы:

 плавание, стрельба из лука, электрический бас, ди-джей, производство электронной музыки, кемпинг, поездки на мотоциклах, ручные занятия в целомю


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